Monday, November 30, 2009

Britney spears naked. S e x y stuff.

Britney spears naked. New pics from google.

britney spears nakedbritney spears nakedbritney spears nakedbritney spears naked
What the hell is going on with celebrities today ????? What is your favorite crazy? seems that many celebrities out there are trying to outdo each other strangers. Angelina Jolie is trying to buy one in every country, tom cruise is .. Tom hes just so i guess, i wouldnt want my house. Britney Spears in and out of rehabilitation and taking the children, the baby drugged up Anna Nicole, Britney, Lindsay, Paris, and all of them showing their cookies " " out of the car, Paris Hilton nude statue could go on and on. they're all tricks to get attention. that this is what it is like when the world has focused too much on Anna Nicole to Britney goes and shaves her hair to say hey, I pay attention for a while! Im Still Crazy too! What is your favorite trick to get attention for your favorite celeb crazy?
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